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What happens when you stop hitting the gym?

Health and Fitness are breaking the news headlines almost every day.  Being fitness has become an integral part but due to hectic schedule not many of us are able to attend gym sessions. If you have been going to gym regularly, then taking break once in a while won’t cause any harm. But a long break is definitely it’s an alarm to your fitness levels. Here are some side effects of stop hitting the gym:-


#Weight Gain

Once you stop hitting the gym automatically you stop to burn calories and this in turn makes you gain more weight. It is definite consequence.


#Health Issues

There is always a particular diet when one attends the gym, but that absolutely goes for a toss once not attending the gym. This is because the intake of food and burning of calories are not proportional, leading to health issues. Also no proper intake of nutrients may leave you with low resistance power.


#Blood flow decreases

It’s very crucial to not just maintain physical fitness but also fitness of Heart. The fitness of heart decreases once you stopping going to gym, thus main function of heart to pump the blood to viems decreases after few weeks of not attending the gym.  With proper blood flow across the body, the person tends to remain active and energetic throughout the day.


#Fall out of shape

This is very commonly seen in people who have suddenly stop hitting the gym. The muscles that were built with rigorous workout and sweating sessions all tend to loosen up, thus causing pain and tear of muscles.


#Mood Swings

Studies have proven that regular exercise reduces depression.

But when we stop doing exercises chemicals that cause depression that were suppressed by exercise is no more controlled, leading to mood swings. Above all the guilt of gaining weight also adds fuel to this.


So the next time if you stop going to gym for a long gap, remember these and act accordingly.


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