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It’s time to celebrate Youth Day!


It is said that flowing water will always be fresh but stagnant water will have nothing new to offer. Today’s generation is like fresh flowing water. Full of enthusiasm, courageous, goals oriented and have more patience, these qualities define the young generation of today and because of these, they are easily absorbed in any working environment.


United Nations Organization (UNO) branch of Economic and social affairs survey states that these days there are some changes in thinking pattern of young generation regarding jobs.


Every youngster after completion of studies in poor and developing countries is looking forward to take the responsibility of feeding the family and get respect in society. They are achieving the same by securing a job.

According to latest survey, across the globe nearly 7 Cr 30 lakh youngsters (aged 14-35) do not have job. Just a few days back in UP, India there was a news that for a sweepers job, many youths have applied. The shocking part is those included Degree and PG students.  This clearly shows India’s no-job situation.


In India, nearly 35cr, 60 lakh youngsters (aged 10-24) are looking for an apt job. The big question is, for this big number it is not only difficult to find an apt job but also to know if he/she possesses the required skill for the job? Off late, Government has also launched number of schemes for job opportunity but they don’t seem to be performing that great.


Everyone is assuming that India will face a difficult situation ahead but that’s not true. UNO gives a ray of hope in the darkness.


Employee- Owners same- same?

Employers offer and employees accept or deny the offer, that was the thinking which was nurtured in youth but now it is slowly changing. As per UNO report and Software company Delloite’s survey, the latest news is that among 29 countries across the globe nearly 7800 young employees are keen to start their own business. This is a good sign for the future.


The best part is the youth is able to implement at the pace of their thinking abilities. If it’s their company then the ownership automatically flows in, thus making them independent. The startup are making news headlines today. Even if they are the owners of the company, they are still working as employees of their company. Thus the owner- employee is same-same!


According to Wall Street Journal Survey, till date worldwide 149 private startup companies got 100 Cr profit each in first quarter of 2016. This sum is almost equal to one wing of a multinational company. The highlight is the startup companies are driven by age group of 25-34 years.


Many MNC’s these days are boosting startups in the best possible way.

Interesting Facts:

–         In upcoming decade, in developing countries there would be need for 60 Cr jobs but currently only 10 % of the same is fulfilled.

–         In Developing countries, 82% of youngsters wish to do their own business but in Developed countries only 52% is thinking of the same.

–         Compared to old adults, youth is 1.6 times keen to start a startup company.


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