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Don’t pay heed to these health rumors!


A lot of information about health is floating on internet but not all information is right. There are a few instances when we are told to not pluck a gray hair because plucking one will give rise to two gray hair, chewing gum takes 7 years to clear from digestive system, don’t be too long outside or you would get cold. Well, we must say that most of these are just old wives tale and are untrue. Here’s a list of such health rumors.

Chewing gum takes seven long years to digest

Well don’t worry it’s not true! The fact is that the way undigested food gets eliminated from body, same is with chewing gum.

Don’t be outside for too long or you are likely to get cold

We have heard this from many but it’s untrue. The truth is that cold caused due to germs and bacteria are mostly found indoors. So it’s advisable to have some fresh air.

Cracking knuckles causes arthritis

It’s not true, according to a study it is said that there is no connection of arthritis and cracking knuckles. But it is advisable to not crack knuckles as it would loosen the grip and cause swelling.

Pluck one grey hair and get two!

According to experts, nothing happens when you pluck a grey hair. The hair turns grey only because of stress and aging process. Normally it takes six months for a new hair to grow and by the time it grows, one normally has more grey hair.

Avoid exercising before sleep

This is absolutely untrue that if you exercise before sleep you will not have sound sleep. The fact is that it is advised to exercise so that you feel fresh and muscles relax.

Cold water after meals causes cancer

It is heard that if you consume cold water after meals, you are prone to cancer, which is just a myth. Till date there is no research to prove the same.

So going ahead, know the facts and act accordingly and take good care of your health!

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