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Will we get Freedom(251) or not?

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Freedom 251 by Ringing Bells had taken the market by storm with it’s unique features and priced at just Rs 251. The smartphone was launched by BJP Minister Murali Manohar Joshi. Lakhs of people logged in to book the smart phone and now the latest buzz is that the company is start dispatching phones from June 28 as mentioned in an interview with PTI.

Some of the features of Freedom 251 is a that it is a smartphone priced at Rs. 251 that comes with a 4-inch display, a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage (expandable by up to 32GB), and runs Android 5.1. It supports 3G network. But according to mobile companies the cost of these features in a smartphone would cost somewhere around Rs 7000. This prompted them to question Freedom 251 priced so low? Also the other concern is Indian and Foreign mobile companies would lose their sales if Ringing bells priced their smartphone at Rs 251.

Freedom 251 became a talking point immediately after it’s launch, especially for its pricing. According to other mobile company calculations if a smartphone is manufactured in India, it would cost around Rs 2800- Rs 3000 and 12.5% Counter veyiling tax, 1% Excise tax, Transport, Margins, Dealers, Selling organisation commissions. All of this would come easily to Rs 4500. But Ringing bells is selling the phone at Rs 251 which means they by selling one phone they incur a loss of approx Rs 4200. The company now plans to sell around 30,000 phones in phase 1, concluding to a loss of approx Rs 13 crores. But now the story behind the picture is that, Ringing bells has created a big buzz in the market which they couldn’t have even done by investing Rs 13 Cr in publicity.

A year ago another mobile company named ‘Data wind’ in collaboration with with Reliance came with same concept and announced affordable smartphone at Rs999. But there has be no news about launch. Whereas when it comes to Ringing Bells they announced a few months back, launched and also started with sales with a short time span.

Now the big challenge is that if the phone is not upto mark or lacks the promised features then the company will lose its reputation.The entire publicity will go in vain. But on the contrary, if it’s a hit then the customers will be awaiting and will welcome any upcoming product by Ringing Bells. We will get to know the same on 28 June 2016 once the phones are available in the market.


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