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Blood ‘Money’

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These days not only food, milk, fruits are adulterated but also there is adulteration in blood. Just previous month, a government maternity hospital in Sultan Bazaar, Hyderabad was caught infusing adulterated blood in patients. This created major uproar in the state. It was shocking to know that the blood contained spoiled blood cells, not just that officers working in other blood banks were also a part of this horrendous scam. The blood scams are seen across the world these days. More than 40% of blood centers are illegal.

According to reports, each day various cases pop up, accidents happen across the country and patients require approximately 40 million units of blood each year and only 80 lakh units of blood is collected through volunteer blood donors. The rest of the blood is collected through relatives of patients or victims who have met with accident, paid donors etc.

Many blood storage centers/organisation lack the basic knowledge to store blood in laboratory. According to Drug Regulatory Authorities in two telugu states in 2015, the statics state that from total of 291 blood bank/ storage centers approximately 40% of centers are violating the rules. The Indian Government Drug Regulatory Authorities have issued a notice but the centers are still running and their licenses are not revoked.

Types of Scams:-

Some centers claim to have a government license / storage centers but do not have requisite permission. Also many centers lack qualified doctors, technical expertise, poor management, no proper equipment. During national festivals, many agencies/ centers organise blood donation camps, donors donate their blood generously without knowing if it is in safe hands or it being misused.

Illegal companies normally divide blood into four components and are selling each component separately and earning moolah. Also at various centers, the staff is selling the blood to the needy at high price and the worst part, the information about the same is not furnished in the respective registers. It is said that the centers are selling blood at black for a whopping price from Rs 1200 to Rs 12000.

It was revealed that the Government Hospital in Sultan Bazaar had mixed saline in the fresh blood taken from donors. Not just that various types of chemicals were added and also stickers of reputed blood organisations were put to fetch high prices from the needy.

Saving Blood:
Public Hospitals and centers collect blood from donors as a part of their work. But nearly 40 percent of blood bank centers do not reveal name of the donors. Not just that it is crucial to store blood at a particular temperature but many centers lack the proper facility. With poor equipment, without proper knowledge it becomes impossible to store blood. Many a time’s equipments are not properly sterilised and this results in wastage of blood. Almost twenty thousand liters of blood is wasted each year. Government and authorities have planned a number of action to curb emergencies and respond to the needs of the victims/ patients.

Highlighting some unknown facts:-
Illegal blood centers in Telugu states – 102
• Blood wasted each year in Telugu states- 20,000 units
• Blood required across the country each year – eighty million units
• The black market price of blood per unit – Rs3000

It’s high time the donors know if the blood is in safe hands and yes let’s donate blood because blood connects all!

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